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Certificates of Deposit (CD) Backup

When your financial strategy dictates limited risk with higher interest than a traditional savings account pays, consider a fixed rate CD from SouthStar Bank.

SouthStar Bank’s Certificate of Deposit is a stable investment tool that rewards you for setting aside a lump sum for a specific period of time. CDs are a great choice when you cannot risk market volatility, do not need immediate access to your money, are living on a fixed income or saving for a special purchase. Certificates of Deposit are also a great way to generate extra income over a fixed period of time.

Account Details:

  • Minimum $1,000 deposit
  • Terms from 6 months to 60 months
  • Interest bearing1
  • Rate is fixed for the term of your certificate
  • Insured by the FDIC2
  • Penalty for early withdrawal

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Optional Features and Benefits*:

Notary services  •  Photocopies  •  Account histories and research  •  Safe deposit boxes  •  Mobile banking  •  Online banking  •  Bank by mail

1 Contact one of our locations for our current rates.
2 The deposits of each depositor in this institution are insured to the maximum amount provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. Click FDIC.gov for details.
*Optional features and benefits may incur fees. Contact one of our locations for our current fee schedule.