Lori Singleton, Senior Executive Vice President/ Chief Loan Administration Officer/ Special Projects Manager| SouthStar Bank Loan Administration Building

Lori Singleton has been with the SouthStar Bank team for six years. In banking for 34 years, she enjoys working closely with her loan administration teams who help clients build and purchase their dream home, grow their business, or meets their other financial needs. Lori is most proud of her SouthStar Bank Star Leader award. The award recognizes her overwhelming passion and leadership to help her team meet and exceed their goals.

Lori previously served on the Williamson County Seton Women’s Development board. She has a passion for supporting initiatives that provide healthcare for the less fortunate. Lori also supports various initiatives through CRU and the Hill Country Bible Church.

During her leisure time, Lori enjoys spending time with her family which now includes her grandson, Eli!  She also enjoys traveling and hiking. She plans to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc in the next year, which is a 105-mile trail through France, Italy, and Switzerland. Out of all her travels, Lori’s favorite destination is Italy due to its amazing people, food, and culture. She hopes to travel to New Zealand in the future.