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Convert Receivables to Cash – FAST!

Effective cash flow management is essential to growth and profit – especially for small to medium-size businesses that cannot afford to float slow-paying customers. SouthStar Bank’s BusinessManager® Program reduces or even eliminates cash flow challenges by bridging the gap of time between sending out invoices and receiving payment.

Program participants simply file outgoing invoices, which are purchased by the bank at a slight discount. BusinessManager® funds are deposited to your account within a few days, often within just 24 hours. With monthly lines up to $4M, you gain the benefits of operating on a cash basis – like taking advantage of quick-pay vendor incentives that keep more money in your account.


  • Slash the typical 30-90 day wait for payment to a maximum of two-three days
  • Stabilize cash flow to better manage recurring payables like facilities, utilities and payroll
  • Convert slow-paying customers into a source of quick cash
  • Improve your standing with suppliers
  • Implement more accurate, timely financial planning
  • 100% of the reserve is credited to your account as soon as your customer’s payment clears
  • Common 2/10 vendor discounts largely offset program costs
  • Cash on hand and a prompt payment history empower you to negotiate even better terms
  • The bank charges a modest 2-3% service fee (choose between fixed or variable rate fees)
  • Fee is deducted from receivables before they are deposited into your account

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Clients Include:

  • Chemical Sales
  • Commercial Welding
  • Legal Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical / Dental / Veterinarian Providers
  • Oilfield Vendors
  • Professional Consultants
  • Transportation / Trucking
  • Wholesale Operations

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