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Statement of Condition

SouthStar Bank, S.S.B.
Statement of Condition

As of September 30, 2017
Values in $000’s

Balance Sheet Assets September 30, 2017
Cash and balances due: Noninterest-bearing & currency and coin $10,237
Cash and balances due: Interest-bearing balances $39,324
Securities: Held-to-maturity $0
Securities: Available-for-sale $76,048
Federal funds sold $0
Securities purchased under agreements to resell $0
Loan and leases held for sale $885
Loans and lease losses net of unearned income and allowance for losses $562,002
Trading assets $0
Premises and fixed assets $41,201
Other real estate owned $366
Investments in unconsolidated subs & associated companies $34
Direct and indirect investments in real estate ventures $0
Intangible assets: Goodwill $0
Intangible assets: Other intangible assets $0
Other assets $12,921
Total Assets $743,018


Balance Sheet Liabilities September 30, 2017
Deposits $497,086
Federal funds purchased $0
Securities sold under agreements to repurchase $0
Trading liabilities $0
Other borrowed money $164,145
Subordinated notes and debentures $0
Other liabilities $1,736
Total Liabilities $662,967


Balance Sheet Equity Capital September 30, 2017
Total Bank Equity Capital $80,051
Noncontrolling (minority) interests in consolidated subsidiaries $0
Other equity capital components $0
Total Equity Capital $80,051
Total Liabilities & Equity Capital $743,018
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