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Trust your Mortgage Lender experience to the professionals who have been serving your community for nearly a century.

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“Everyone I spoke with at SouthStar was very helpful and willing to assist me! I had talked to a couple other banks and not received a good response, so calling SouthStar was such a relief. They were super responsive in getting me an account set up and helping me with a loan. Would definitely recommend using SouthStar!” ~ Kristi H.

Buying a home can be exciting yet daunting. We’re here to help.

When you choose a loan, you want to choose the right one. Here at SouthStar bank you can take advantage of a variety of options while working with professionals who care about ensuring you get the best rates, monthly payment, and terms for your financial situation. We even have solutions for nontraditional borrowers, like self-employed persons, individuals who need low down payments, or those who want to build their own homes. At our bank, it’s about partnerships with people, not pushing products. You’ll get actionable advice from people who are ready to keep your best interests at heart. Contact us today to get started.

SouthStar Bank offers broad options to serve you better:

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Your Home for Mortgage Lending

Our roots lie in the quiet town of Moulton, but make the circle across Central Texas where you’ll find 16 SouthStar Bank locations. Established in 1920, the Moulton headquarters is flanked by locations in Shiner and Gonzales. Flowing down toward Houston, you’ll find our Brazoria branch.

Make the circle back north through College Station to our Robertson Country Branches of Hearne, Franklin, Bremond and Calvert. Continue through Temple to the Harker Heights Branch.

Head south on I-35 to the state capitol of Austin surrounded by six SouthStar Bank locations: Georgetown, Round Rock, Leander, Steiner Ranch, Bee Cave, and Southwest Austin (Dripping Springs).

Like all Texans, we’re passionate about the place we call home. Whether you need a mortgage in downtown Austin or tucked away on the winding Guadalupe River, trust our local experts.

Are you looking for a mortgage in Austin, Texas? SouthStar Bank has more than 100 years of lending expertise and is recognized as a Top Austin Mortgage Company by Austin Business Journal. This was based on the number of Austin-area loans that the local offices closed in 2019 — 170 Austin-area loans for a total of $83.35 million, plus 121 non-local loans.

SouthStar Bank is committed to serving the needs of our communities, and we offer a variety of mortgage lending solutions across Central Texas, spanning the areas surrounding San Antonio, Austin, Waco and Houston. With rising home prices, we understand the challenges of meeting upfront payment requirements. That’s why qualifying applicants will have all fees waived, including origination, processing and underwriting.¹

Frequently Asked Questions from Clients

The role of a bank or mortgage lender is to originate and/or fund loans so that borrowers can buy, build or refinance their home. To originate and fund a loan, the lender must review all financial documentation of the potential borrower, including credit score, assets, debts and debt-to-income ratio, so they can determine if the borrower is qualified for a loan. This is the same basic process, whether the person is buying a family home or refinancing their existing home.

SouthStar bank is a mortgage lender. We make the loan directly to you. A broker is an individual who works with several different lenders and who tries to match a borrower with the lender who is right for them.

As your community bank, we are able to match most of our customers to excellent loans with outstanding interest rates. We’re committed to helping you find the mortgage that’s right for you.

We encourage you to come to us first. We care about maintaining our relationship with you and about ensuring that we serve all of your financial needs.

Many borrowers, especially first-time homeowners, may not understand the nuances and complexities of home loans. For this reason, one of the most important qualities of a good loan officer is to be a great communicator. The best mortgage lenders can convert complex terms into easy-to-understand language for their clients.

Questions to ask about potential mortgage lenders
  1. Do they respond to your initial inquiries?
  2. Are they focused on closing the deal, or do they want the best solution for your situation?
  3. Do they offer a wide range of mortgage products with competitive interest rates?
  4. Do they provide valuable insight into the process, and are they available to answer questions?
  5. Are they a good problem solver?
With a broad range of lending experience, SouthStar Bank is perfectly positioned to guide you through the mortgage process. We provide personalized customer service and will recommend the best loan program for your needs. Contact us for more information.
This is often the primary hurdle for first-time home buyers, and one to discuss with your loan officer. The best way to determine how much of a loan you can qualify for is to review your monthly financial obligations against your total monthly income. This calculation is known as the debt-to-income ratio (DTI). For many loans, the maximum allowable DTI is 50%. For example, if the borrower’s monthly gross income is $6,000, their maximum monthly debt obligation, including their proposed monthly mortgage payment, should not exceed $3,000. There are exceptions to this 50% DTI rule, so you should consult your mortgage professional for guidance.

Important Terms Used by Mortgage Lenders

Becoming familiar with these selected terms will help you to better understand the mortgaging process, so that you can make more informed choices about your new home or investment property.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) This type of loan starts at an introductory rate and is then based on interest rates that will change automatically according to market indexes. Your monthly payments will never exceed the ARM loan cap.

Amortization The amortization of a loan is the process of paying off the loan over time. Monthly loan payments can be shown using an amortization schedule or amortization calculator.

Conventional Mortgage Unlike a VA or FHA loan, a conventional loan is not offered by a government sponsored entity. Terms are typically 15, 20 or 30 years.

Equity This is the value of a property, beyond the amount that is owed on the loan. A homeowner can often borrow against this home equity value.

FHA Loan Insured by the Federal Housing Administration, FHA loans are often suitable for first-time homebuyers or low-to-moderate income borrowers. These loans require lower minimum down payments and credit scores, but require PMI.

Pre-Qualification Review by a lender to determine a borrower’s loan eligibility. Obtaining this puts buyers in a better position when home shopping.

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) To protect the lender, certain homeowners are required to purchase PMI. It is most often required if the loan amount is more than 80% of the home’s value.

Rate Lock This is a short-term agreement that the lender makes to the borrower, to commit to a specific interest rate on the loan until the buyer can finish negotiating the home purchase.

Refinance The borrower or homeowner replaces their existing loan with a new mortgage loan. Often used to negotiate a lower interest rate to reduce their monthly payments, or to shorten loan terms for quicker payoff.

Truth in Lending Disclosure This document, required of all lenders, gives home loan borrowers vital information about the loan, including interest rates, loan amount, closing costs and final cost upon loan maturity.

VA Loan This discounted home loan is exclusively available for military veterans. Advantages include no down payment or PMI, no minimum credit score, higher allowable debt-to-income ratio and lower rates.
We’ve assisted thousands of customers throughout Central Texas in realizing their dreams of buying a home or investing in property. We’re a valuable partner with extensive knowledge of the real estate and lending marketplace, whether you’re a first-time homeowner, purchasing a vacation home or need cash from your home equity to pay for remodeling costs or other expenses. Unlike other mortgage lenders, SouthStar Bank offers both portfolio lending options through our Star Advantage Program as well as traditional mortgage products, including those offered by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA and FHA. We understand that not all borrowers have the same qualifications. By understanding our borrowers’ entire financial picture, we can approve loans that often don’t qualify under traditionally strict mortgage parameters. These portfolio loans, also referred to as bank-held loans, offer common-sense flexibility. SouthStar Bank is committed to outstanding customer service, which includes walking you through the mortgage process, from start to finish. Whether you are in the market for a downtown Austin high-rise, a ranch in East Texas to spread your wings, or a rehab starter home — we have a loan to fit your needs. We’re not scared away by non-warrantable condos, barndominiums or even tiny homes. We understand that our clients are unique, and their loans should be too. All decisions are handled in our local office, so you won’t have to wait for your loan application to move through an out-of-state loan review committee. This streamlines the entire process for a faster, more transparent and satisfying experience. To begin, complete our easy online application.

Mortgage Options Available from SouthStar Bank

One advantage of choosing SouthStar Bank for your mortgage is that we offer a wide range of programs, from the popular 30-year fixed-rate mortgage to more specialized loans for unique situations, such as low down payment options.

Star Advantage Program – Portfolio or bank-held home loans for unique situations, designed for those who are small business owners, self-employed, retired, starting a new job or recovering from an unexpected life event; or have poor credit rating, foreclosure or bankruptcy. These traditional and portfolio loans provide flexibility outside of the strict criteria of secondary market loans.
Traditional Fixed and Variable Rate Mortgages – Our traditional mortgages include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, VA, FHA, Rural Living and USDA loans.

Low Down Payment – Low down payment mortgages provide an alternative to traditional loans, with with less cash required upfront to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Low Down Rural Acreage – This loan program is intended for buyers of land who need to have more cash available for construction and other expenses.

Refinance – Refinancing your home with a new loan can either lower your interest rate for reduced mortgage payments or shorten the loan’s term so that you can build home equity in less time.
Interim Construction to Permanent Financing – This type of program, a construction to long-term loan, lets borrowers lock in a lower interest rate (and lower payments) for the construction phase. It then converts to a long-term mortgage when the building process is completed. A one-time close often saves customers both time and money.
Let SouthStar Bank assist you in finding the best mortgage with the lowest rates. Apply Now!
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*Loans, lines of credit, and credit cards are subject to credit approval. Other fees and restrictions may apply. SouthStar Bank is an Equal Housing Lender. NMLS #410624.
¹Must meet income restrictions.

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