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“A big bank with a small-town feel. We moved here from Florida and had the best bank on our little island and were so pleased with finding SouthStar Bank when we moved to Texas. They give very personal attention every time we go and remember our names! They give great incentives to the kids savings as well.” ~ Kyle

The transition from Community First National Bank to SouthStar Bank is now complete. Welcome to the family!  Your current account information has been automatically transferred to a new SouthStar Bank account, routing #113119985.

Debit cards for existing debit card holders and checks have been mailed to the address on file, you may begin use upon receipt. Please take the following steps to ensure smooth transition of your account to SouthStar Bank.

  • Carefully inspect the personalization for accuracy
  • Discontinue using your old checks and debit card(s)
  • Please completely destroy any debit card(s) and unsecured checks with your account number(s)

We are working to make this transition as seamless as possible and encourage you to reach out to your Kerrville team with any questions you may have about your new account. Call 830.315.2362 or email kerrville@southstarbank.com.

We’re excited to join the Kerrville community and look forward to working with you!

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Online Access 24/7

In today’s fast-paced world, secure, hassle-free banking is more than a convenience – it’s a necessity. That’s why we include secure online banking options with any qualifying account at no additional cost.
  • Manage Accounts
  • Review Statements
  • Transfer Funds
  • Pay Bills
  • Order Checks


Current hours will remain the same until October 1, when hours will be updated as follows:

Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

Drive Thru
Monday – Friday
8am – 6pm

Closed Saturday – Sunday

24-Hour Telebanking (866.333.9064)

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Get More Details

Please complete the form below and one of our personal bankers will be in touch.

    *Personal information such as social security number or account number, user ID or password should NOT be shared through this form. State ONLY your question or product inquiry. Please contact your nearest branch to discuss account specifics.


    When are direct deposits and ACH payments required to be changed?

    It is recommended to update direct deposits as soon as possible and within 30 days.

    Will my bankers change?

    We’re honored to have the local team you’ve come to know and trust. Our current Kerrville team includes:

    • Brittany Selement – Personal Banker
    • Claudia Gonzales – Personal Banker
    • Jeff Harris – Vice President of Lending
    • Donny Lehmann- Vice President of Lending
    • Kent McKinney – Business Development Advisor
    • Kyla Gesell – Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager
    • Meghan Jackson – Personal Banker
    • Sche Kehner – Personal Banker
    • Shelby Mossman – Loan Assistant
    • Sherri Steadham – Loan Assistant

    How do I change my ACH and Direct Deposits?

    The local team in Kerrville is available to assist you in making changes if needed. We ask that you please call to book an appointment as this will require an in-person meeting at the branch for personal verification with each company.

    Will my debit card number(s) remain the same?

    No, you will receive a new SouthStar Bank debit card. The card may be activated for use on or after August 28 at 5pm.

    How do I change my bill payments?

    If you are currently utilizing the Bill Pay service through Community First National Bank, you will need to re-enroll in Bill Pay through your account with SouthStar Bank. Login to online banking, then select ‘Bill Payment’ to begin enrollment. Please have relevant account information for each biller readily available, as they will need to be entered individually. If your biller accepts ACH payments, you will be able to schedule immediate electronic payments. If not, payments will be made via check. Please allow 7-10 business days for check payments.

    If you are inquiring about auto-payments or billing through a third party (outside of Community First National Bank or SouthStar Bank), you will simply need to update the routing number to 113119985 (for ACH) or new debit card information in your biller’s system.

    What is the mobile deposit limit?

    The standard mobile deposit limit is $500. Upon request, this limit may be adjusted. Please talk with your personal banker to determine qualification.

    What are the new branch hours?

    Until October 1, 2021 branch hours will remain the same. Effective October 1, hours are as follows:

    Lobby Hours
    Monday – Friday
    9am – 5pm

    Drive Thru Hours
    Monday – Friday
    8am – 6pm

    Closed Saturday – Sunday

    24-Hour Telebanking (866.333.9064)

    Please note, the branch will be CLOSED September 28, 2021.

    Is SouthStar Bank a big national bank?

    No, SouthStar Bank is headquartered in Moulton, TX. The bank is family owned and now operates 16 branches throughout Central Texas with the addition of our Kerrville location.

    Is SouthStar Bank FDIC insured?

    Yes, the deposits of each SouthStar Bank depositor are insured to the maximum amount provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. Visit FDIC.gov for details.

    What are your current rates?

    Our current rate sheet can be found online at southstarbank.com/rates

    What is the SouthStar Bank routing number?

    Your SouthStar Bank routing number is 113119985.

    At SouthStar Bank, you’ll benefit from customized, personal service designed to meet your specific needs. All of our checking accounts include online banking and bill pay, a debit card, mobile banking and bank by mail

    SouthStar Bank, S.S.B.