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The SouthStar Bank Harker Heights ATM is currently unavailable for customer use. Click HERE to find the closest surcharge-free ATM.

The SouthStar Bank Shiner location will be closed Thursday, April 18. The Moulton and Gonzales locations will be open for service during this time.

To learn more about our mobile app, online banking, and more, watch our video tutorials.



Convenience big enough for your Texas lifestyle.

“We could not be happier with our choice to bank with SouthStar. The customer service is truly second to none. If you’re looking for a true Texas bank with the best banking experience you’ll ever get, SouthStar is the one!” ~ Chandra A.

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We’re pleased to offer the SouthStar Bank app

We’ll never turn our back on our personal commitment to you as members of our banking community. That means doing everything we can.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer the SouthStar Bank app. Gain complete control of your accounts on the go. Just register for online banking, download, and go! It’ll be like having a SouthStar Bank branch right in the palm of your hand.

How can the SouthStar Bank mobile app help?

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*Personal information such as social security number or account number, user ID or password should NOT be shared through this form. State ONLY your question or product inquiry. Please contact your nearest branch to discuss account specifics.

Frequently Asked Questions from Clients

Yes, you can deposit a check directly from the app to your SouthStar Bank account. When doing so, remember to write ‘FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY SOUTHSTAR BANK’ along with endorsement signature. The app will prompt users to take a photo of front and back of the check.

The SouthStar Bank mobile app offers secure access through password, fingerprint or face ID as well as multi-factor authentication.

We recommend keeping both the app and your phone up-to-date to implement the latest safety protocols from your OS of choice. We also recommend a strong pin key on your phone or using fingerprints or facial recognition to unlock it, just in case your phone is lost or stolen.

If you follow these guidelines and keep passwords or pin numbers secure, then mobile banking with the SouthStar app is safe, easy, and effective. In fact, downloading the app is far safer than trying to use mobile banking on your phone’s browser. It’s also a lot easier.
Use the SouthStar Bank app to temporarily freeze your debit card and prevent charges. For even greater control, download the SecureAlerts & CardManager® app to manage day to day activity on your cards, helping to guard against fraud.  Set limits based on transaction amount, location, or merchant type. For example, you can decide where, when, and how the card is used. Removing unwanted options from your card.
To get started, be sure you first registered for online banking.

Download the consumer mobile app on iTunes or Google Play.
Download the business mobile app on iTunes or Google Play.
Use your existing online banking credentials to login.

Our app will help you locate the nearest branch, and we’ll still be happy to welcome you with a smile. 

We just made errand day shorter.

You have a little bit of free time coming your way. Claim some time for yourself by downloading and installing the SouthStar Bank app today.

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