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e-Alerts & CardValet®


Email and text alerts keep you aware of important account activity. With eAlerts you can:

  • Choose to receive alerts by text message, email, or both
  • Select which accounts and specific activity you want to receive
  • Track account use by others

Set up is quick and simple. Sign up today!

eAlert Activation and Options:

Set Up e-Alerts

  1. Login to Online Banking. The following message will appear at the top of your screen: Welcome [CUSTOMER NAME]. You have [0] secure messages and [0] E-Alerts waiting for you. Your last login was [day/time].
  2. Click on the zero in parenthesis by E-Alerts.
  3. Select the alerts you would like to receive.

Checking Alert Options

  • Check Number Cleared
  • Check Returned
  • DDA Low Balance
  • Deposit Posted

Certificate of Deposit Alert Options

  • CD Maturity Notice
  • CD Balance
  • CD Date Last Earnings

Loan Alert Options

  • Loan Available Credit
  • Loan Balance


CardValet provides powerful tools for managing and monitoring your debit cards, helping safe guard against fraud and enabling more control over spending.  To access, select “More” from the main menu of our mobile app, then tap the “Cards” tile.

Card Management and Monitoring

Freeze card to temporarily suspend activity

  • Misplace your debit card? With CardValet, instantly turn your card off with the touch of a button to prevent all transitions. Simply turn it back on when you are ready to use the card again.

Set activity alerts

  • Receive real-time notifications based on transaction amount, location, and / or merchant type. By setting alerts, you can receive immediate notification of potential fraud.

Manage transaction, location and merchant limits

  • Receive notification or decline transactions over a specific dollar amount.
  • Use your phone’s GPS to limit the range where your card can be used. If the card is used when you’re not around, transactions will be declined.
  • Limit transactions to a specific geographic location you choose on a map.
  • Stop any transaction outside of the United States.
  • Select certain merchant types where the card can be used. For example, allow groceries but not department stores.

Review recent transactions

  • Keep up to date with what you are spending and where.


  • Decide where, when, and how the card is used. It’s like setting an allowance, so your kids can use the card to put gas in their car, but not to see a movie.

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