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Lost or Stolen Credit Card

Fighting Credit Card Fraud

SouthStar Bank and credit card vendor TIB are committed to protecting cardholders by using the latest technology and tools to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. This includes calls to cardholders to verify use when questionable charges are pending. However, credit card fraud is a reality that strikes millions of cardholders annually.

If you believe your card has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way, immediately report the issue to our Card Service Center at 800-367-7576.

Avoid Potential Suspension of Card Transactions

Please call the Card Service Center at 800-367-7576 anytime you may be traveling or before attempting transactions that may appear unusual based on regular purchase patterns. Adjustments to fraud detection strategies can be made to allow approval of purchases that might otherwise be considered suspicious activity.

Remember: It is critical that applicants keep current primary and secondary phone numbers on file should we need to contact you to verify account activity. A cell as a primary phone number, and a home or business phone as secondary will help ensure you can be reached when our analysts call.