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Rest assured that SouthStar Bank is very safe and solid. Our bank is 103 years old and has endured multiple recessions and market disruptions. Our Capital, Earnings, and Liquidity are very strong, and asset quality is excellent. Click HERE to view a detailed explanation from SouthStar Bank President David Kapavik

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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Welcome Adriana Alvara

Adriana Alvara joins SouthStar Bank as Business Development Officer, bringing over 11 years of experience in the financial and strategic business industries. She is dedicated to the Business Manager Program which serves to stabilize business cash flow through accounts receivable financing. Adriana will develop relationships among the many growing businesses in Central Texas, helping them seize valuable opportunities for expansion.

Shiner Half Moon Holidays

The Shiner Branch joined the community this summer by participating in the town’s annual Half Moon Holidays event. The bank was a sponsor for the festival which takes place over multiple days and includes various activities. Half Moon Holidays has been a tradition in Shiner as far back as 1904. The event brings locals and visitors from around the state to Green Dickson Park to celebrate Independence Day. Half Moon, as the locals call it, has activities for spectators of all ages including a BBQ cook off, live music, a fun run 5K, and much more. SouthStar Bank is proud to support this amazing tradition and looks forward to continuing their partnership with the event. Click here to learn more about Shiner Half Moon Holiday & BBQ Cook Off Green-Dickson Park, Shiner, TX 77984

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