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Monthly Archives: April 2024

Congratulations Bill Staley! New Branch Executive & Senior Vice President of Lending

Bill Staley has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Lending and Branch Executive of the SouthStar Bank Round Rock branch. Bill has spent just over three years with SouthStar Bank and holds a quarter century of experience in the banking industry. Well versed in all types of lending, Bill holds a great deal of experience in Commercial and Industrial Lending. He is also a strong advocate for small businesses and possesses a strong understanding of the various SBA Loan Programs offered by SouthStar Bank. In his new role, he is excited to leverage his wealth of experience and serve the Round Rock community and the greater Central Texas Market in an even greater capacity. Bill is focused on ensuring clients and coworkers look forward to working with SouthStar Bank by delivering premier customer service and offering unparalleled expertise in the industry. Outside of work, you can find Bill at the grill perfecting the culinary science of Barbeque, playing the drums, riding his motorcycles, or tending to his fruit trees. Bill is also involved in the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce and is due to graduate from their Leadership Program this May. He has also served on the Board of Junior Achievement and was a Board Member for the Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska.

America Saves Week: Saving Automatically

America Saves Week has arrived! America Saves offers a number of helpful resources and tips on how to save effectively. To kick things off we are sharing their article on the importance and effectiveness of Saving Automatically: Regularly contributing to a savings account is the best way to work toward your future goals…….and the best way to make regular contributions is through saving automatically.   It’s our favorite way to save!   Saving through automatic deposits or transfers is the most effective way to save and helps make it easy by allowing you to choose what and when you’ll save.    How To Start Saving Automatically   First, you’ll want to have a clear view of your finances, so you know what you are capable of stashing away. Start with our list of 6 Steps to Establishing a Spending and Saving Plan. These steps will walk you through gathering your financial documents like pay stubs, utility bills, mortgage statements, etc., and will help you calculate your income and expenses as well as setting goals and making a plan to achieve them.   Don’t worry or get discouraged if it’s not as much as you would like at first. At America Saves, we say Start Small, Think BIG! Even small amounts add up over time.   Once you determine the amount you’d like to start saving, there are two ways to start saving automatically:    No matter how you choose to save automatically, the most important thing is building the habit of saving – there is no amount too small to save!   Saving is a Habit, Not a Destination  That’s right – Saving is a Habit….and, practice makes perfect!  By definition, a habit is something you do on a regular basis consistently until it becomes second nature. Eventually, it will become something you do automatically without even thinking about it.   Saving is no different!   A series of small steps, like setting up a direct deposit or auto transfer, can get you closer to your goal and lead to big rewards in the long run.   Every step matters – no matter how big or how small. The more you do it, the more likely you are to stick with it.   Read more and view all the resources America Saves has to offer here: Home | America Saves SOURCE: America Saves

Congratulations Brent Gibbs & Cole Schindler! New Central Texas President & CEO

The SouthStar Bank Board of Directors is pleased to announce the promotion of Brent Gibbs and Cole Schindler to the positions of Central Texas President and Central Texas CEO.   Brent has worked in banking for 26 years, with this being his 13th year with SouthStar Bank. Brent is an alumnus of Texas Tech University and the Southwest Graduate School of Banking. He began his career at SouthStar Bank as the original Branch Executive and Senior Loan Officer for the Southwest Austin branch when it opened in 2011. He was later promoted to Chief Lending Officer and has served in that role since 2018. He became a SouthStar Bank  Board Member in 2021 and continues to serve in that capacity. As Central Texas President, Brent will be a critical liaison between the credit/lending functions and the Board. He will be involved in helping manage the Bank’s profitability and will assume responsibility for monitoring and managing SouthStar Bank’s strong credit and earnings. Brent will also administer SouthStar Bank’s specialty lending programs – working directly with the credit, lending, and compliance departments. In his new position, Brent will be working directly with David Kapavik and begin assuming duties and responsibilities held by him. Cole has served SouthStar Bank for 20 years. He received his MBA in Communications with a specialization in communication studies from St. Edward’s University in 2004.  Cole began his career in banking as a teller and bookkeeper and continued to work his way up in the industry, joining SouthStar Bank as a Credit Officer and eventually developing into a Senior Loan Officer. Until his most recent promotion, he was an EVP/Strategic Development Officer/Senior Lending Officer. He became a SouthStar Bank Board Member in 2007 and continues to serve in that capacity. The Schindler and Brown families have owned a majority interest in the Bank through Southern Bancshares Holding company since 1981. Cole is a third-generation family member to hold a key leadership role at the Bank. As Central Texas CEO, Cole will take on a much more significant role in the vision and strategic development of SouthStar Bank’s growth and success. With his knowledge and experience at SouthStar Bank and involvement in the main ownership group, he is uniquely positioned to advance the organization. Cole will work directly with the executive team and current CEO/President David Kapavik in a broader role, leading the Bank’s overall direction.  The Board and executive management are excited by the vision and energy Cole and Brent bring to SouthStar Bank’s future. Their ideas and dedication will be instrumental in helping navigate the Bank in our ever-changing environment. Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender | NMLS# 793687 | NMLS# 627914

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