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The SouthStar Bank Harker Heights ATM is currently unavailable for customer use. Click HERE to find the closest surcharge-free ATM.

To learn more about our mobile app, online banking, and more, watch our video tutorials.

Banking Tips

Online and Mobile Banking Tips

In a few easy steps, begin internet banking As long as you have an account with SouthStar Bank then you are eligible for online banking. Using a computer or smartphone with Internet access, getting started is simple. 1. Before enrolling in Online Banking, you will need your account number, the type of account, social security number, zip code on file with us, and email address on file with us. 2. Click here to get started. Alternatively, you can type into your web browser, then click the E-Banking tab and select Login from the dropdown menu. Next, click the picture above where it says, “Online Banking Login” and click the Enroll now link (below the Login button). *Please note that you must enroll in online banking through the web browser before you can login through the mobile app. What can be done online or with the mobile banking app? The majority of transactions can be completed online or via SouthStar Bank’s mobile app. Benefits of using online banking include: The status of pending deposits and charges, or those that have not yet been reflected in your account, is frequently displayed. Please be advised that the amounts you see for pending debit card transactions can differ from the total that actually posts to your account. Before presuming that pending deposits are available for payments or withdrawals, carefully review the funds availability policy of your bank or credit union. The SouthStar Bank mobile app also allows you to deposit checks into your account via the mobile deposit feature. The mobile app streamlines the check deposit process and just needs a few steps: 1.     If you haven’t done so before, download the SouthStar Bank mobile app a.      Open your phone’s app store and search for “SouthStar Bank Mobile” – you will see the SouthStar Bank logo next to the app. Next, install the app. Once the app is installed you can open it and login with your online banking credentials. 2.     Follow the guidelines in the mobile app to deposit the check. a.      At the bottom of the mobile app, click the Deposit tab. b.     Next, click where it says “Deposit a check”. c.      Select which account you want the check deposited into. (Use the dropdown arrow and then click on the correct account.) d.     Type in the amount of the check by clicking where it says “Check amount”. e.      Click the “TAKE PHOTOS” button. f.      Before taking your photos, make sure there is ample light and the check is placed on a solid, dark-colored surface. Also flatten the check all the way if it is not already flat. g.     Align the check with the box, hold steady, and then tap the capture button. h.     If the picture was captured clearly, tap the “USE” button. Otherwise, tap the “RETAKE” button and try again. i.       Repeat the above process […]

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