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Congratulations Trip Ray! New Chief Risk Officer

Congratulations Trip Ray! New Chief Risk Officer

Congratulations to Trip Ray on his promotion to Chief Risk Officer!

Since joining the SouthStar Bank team in 2016, Trip has transformed the Past Due Reporting, Watch List, Problem Asset Reports, Loan Review Program, and developed a Stress Testing Plan. He is also responsible for all of the Bank’s loan reporting, including bank goals and risk reports.

Trip is excited to step into his new role, and to navigate the unprecedented situations with COVID-19 – helping SouthStar Bank come out of the pandemic stronger than before. As Chief Risk Officer, Trip will expand his responsibility to all areas of risk for SouthStar Bank and will serve as the chair of the bank’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee.

In his free time, Trip enjoys going on walks with his wife and dogs, playing golf, and spending time outdoors. Two of his best vacations were bonefishing in the Bahamas and Lake Tahoe. One of Trip’s biggest personal accomplishments is marrying his wife.

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