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Employee Awards & Anniversaries 2022

Employee Awards & Anniversaries 2022


The Ride for the Brand award recognizes those individuals who have gone above and beyond to uphold the SouthStar Bank. In the cowboy days, when you worked for a big ranch or participated in a trail drive, the cowboy was loyal to the Brand he “rode for.”  Guys that rode for the brand had deep connections representing the ranch that transcended their daily work.  To strengthen our culture, we continue to need employees that are a good example of this type of steadfast loyalty and who support our mission, vision, and values.

  • Loan Officer- JW Smith
  • Operations- Kacy Kirk & Kristy Hollis
  • Support Operations- Jesse Miller
  • Support Lending- Riley Martine
  • Mortgage Support- Mark Kelly
  • Internal Operations- Linda Van Doren


The Star Leader award is a special award given to applaud and promote the work and contributions of our most senior team. These individuals articulate a compelling vision for the institution and have inspired others to that vision. They actively support all aspects of our Bank’s advancement and show the highest commitment to professional growth. Recipients deserve exceptional notice and praise.

  • Trip Ray


We also wanted to recognize a few individuals who have stepped up in their leadership roles. On a cattle drive, Trail Boss is the one in charge of the entire operation – keeping track of all the different elements of the drive, selecting routes, and making key decisions. Our Trail Boss awards go to those who have helped guide our teams, selected routes for new and expanded operations, and supported key initiatives to exceed expectations. We can all agree that this year brought many new challenges, and I appreciate those who helped set the path for success.

  • Greg Vesely
  • Steffani Scarborough


This prestigious recognition is awarded by the bank president, David Kapavik, to the individual he and the executive team feel has made the strongest contribution to the organization over the past year in each region. They review many aspects including performance, leadership, service, and related organizational benefits.

  • Urban North – Samantha Alexander
  • Urban South – Kimberly Watson
  • Rural North – Sarah Ortega
  • Rural South – Monica Leal


These individuals have been with the bank for less than two years, but have already made our star shine brighter. These emerging leaders were selected by the executive committee in each department because of their exceptional growth and contributions to the organization, as well as increased levels of leadership, responsibility, and sphere of impact.

  • Loan Officer- Sam Bell
  • Operations- Kyla Gesell
  • Support Operations- Gillian Bowman
  • Support Lending- Brittany Edwards
  • Mortgage Support- Kristen Hendry


This award recognizes one individual who has embraced our partnership with Hilltop Securities. We look forward to the continued growth of this relationship and the benefits it provides for our clients.

  • Debra Morris


SouthStar Bank takes great pride in supporting our communities. The Community Involvement Awards recognize one recipient in each of our four regions for exemplifying the community bank spirit through active involvement in worthy causes and initiatives throughout the area.

  • Urban North – Samalia Huggins
  • Urban South – Jeff Harris
  • Rural North – Tina Zan
  • Rural South – Linda Martinez


The Star Service Awards recognize one recipient in each of our four regions for service above and beyond the expected norm. Recipients consistently demonstrate exceptional knowledge of our products and services, as well as an intuitive understanding of our clients’ needs. Recipients consistently exemplify the SouthStar mantra of providing friendly, flexible common-sense financial services

  • Urban North – Stephanie Weaver
  • Urban South – Terry Thompson
  • Rural North – Tyler Waldrep
  • Rural South – Julie Gamez


25 YEARS: Linda Martinez

20 YEARS: Janet Raabe, Kimberly Moore

15 YEARS: Bryan Buck, Cole Schindler, Justen Salcido

10 YEARS: Kay Lynn Rothbauer, Melissa Thompson, Robert Simper

5 YEARS: Amber Gallagher, Candace Barrett, Lauren Roznovsky, Ryan Noyce

RIDE FOR THE BRAND NOMINEES: Amanda Waldrop, Amy Coldeway, Davonica France, Greg Holub, Greg Vesely, Jennifer Bellavia, Jesse Miller, JW Smith, Kacy Kirk, Keely McCarthy, Kristy Hollis, Larry Weisinger, Linda Van Doren, Mark Kelly, Matthew Danielson, Michelle Felde, Patty Barron, Riley Martine

STAR SERVICE NOMINEES: Aften Serrano, Alexis Michael, Amanda Aaron, Amanda Waldrop, Amber Gallagher, Amy Coldeway, Andrew Denny, Betty Roznovsky, Blake McNicoll, Bridget Robinson, Bryce Wyatt, Carl Bozon, Cecilia Ramos, Chelsey Carothers, Christine McGinnis, Claudia Gonzales, Davonica France, Deanna Ellison, Deanna Ford, Debra Morris, Derek Kapavik, Janis Cowman Arteaga, Jenny Currie, Jeremy Pauza, Jesica Garza, Joyce Pitmon, Julie Gamez, Justen Salcido, JW Smith, Kacy Kirk, Kay Lynn Rothbauer, Kristin Ross, Kristy Hollis, Kyla Gesell, Larry Weisinger, Laura Blackstock, Laura Desselle. Lucia Fernandez, Mariela Tinajero, Mark Kelly, Martin Aechternacht, Mary Kujawa, Meghan Rabel, Melissa Greger, Melissa Swift, Melissa Thompson, Michelle Felde, Nathaniel Walls, Pam Browning, Patty Barron, Riley Martine, Robert Simper, Roni Nickelson, Ryan Noyce, Sam Bell, Samalia Huggins, Samantha Alexander, Sarah Ortega, Sharon Green, Shelby Mossman, Steffani Scarborough, Stephanie Nevlud, Stephanie Weaver, Susan Forrest, Tamara Siegel, Terry Thompson, Tina Zander, Trey Bertelson, Tyler Waldrep, Veronica Vinklarek

COMMUNITY SERVICE NOMINEES: Aften Serrano, Amanda Aaron, Andrew Denny, Bryan Buck, Davonica France, Deanna Ford, Debra Morris, Emily Tucker, Faith Shrader, Gary Mobbs, Jeff Harris, Jenny Currie, Jesica Garza, Jesse Miller, Julie Gamez, Justen Salcido, Kacy Kirk, Kimberly Moore, Kimberly Watson, Kristy Hollis, Kyla Gesell, Laura Desselle, Linda Martinez, Lindsey Morkovsky, Mary Kujawa, Meghan Rabel, Melissa Swift, Monica Leal, Pam Browning, Rebecca Conn, Roni Nickelson, Ryan Noyce, Samalia Huggins, Sche Kehner, Tamara Siegel, Tina Zan, Tina Zander, Virginia Roberts

Congratulations to all award recipients and nominees!

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