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Employee Spotlight- Aften Serrano

Employee Spotlight- Aften Serrano

Aften Serrano, Portfolio Manager – SBA & Business Manager | SouthStar Bank Loan Administration Building

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Aften Serrano is a Portfolio Manager/ SBA & Business Manager based at the SouthStar Bank Loan Administration Building. Aften worked in banking and finance for 19 years before joining the SouthStar Bank team three years ago. She has worked in numerous positions, including Teller, Personal Banker, Banking Officer, Branch Manager, and Back Office. In her position, Aften enjoys being able to help small businesses survive and thrive, while also creating jobs in and around her community. One of Aften’s favorite professional moments was performing investigations on high-risk customers for the BSA/AML Department.

In her community, Aften is a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Currently, the organization is working to save a cemetery on Liberty Hill from being destroyed by a large development company.

When she is not working, Aften spends her time woodworking, building, and refurbishing furniture. Known for being adventurous, she has traveled to Costa Rica and hopes to walk the Great Wall of China.

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