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Rest assured that SouthStar Bank is very safe and solid. Our bank is 103 years old and has endured multiple recessions and market disruptions. Our Capital, Earnings, and Liquidity are very strong, and asset quality is excellent. Click HERE to view a detailed explanation from SouthStar Bank President David Kapavik

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Employee Spotlight – Lori Phillips

Employee Spotlight – Lori Phillips

Lori Phillips, Loan Operations Processor| SouthStar Bank Calvert

Lori Phillips is a Loan Operations Processor for SouthStar Bank. She has been a part of the SouthStar Bank family in Calvert for the last three and half years. Prior to joining the lending team, Lori was a Personal Banker at the Franklin branch. Getting to work with such a great team is one of Lori’s favorite parts of the job. She also enjoys getting the chance to help customers understand the inner working of all things escrow. A career highlight for Lori was being nominated for the Ride for the Brand Award in 2019.

Lori loves to spend her free time with her family. She especially enjoys watching her daughter perform with her local Drill Team. Lori’s hobbies also include various craft projects.

A fun fact about Lori is that she is originally from Buffalo, New York. She moved to Georgia, and eventually Texas, once she completed her time in the United States Navy. A WWII buff, Lori hopes to one day travel to Poland and Amsterdam to tour Auschwitz and Anne Frank’s home.

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