Davonica France, Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager| SouthStar Bank Harker Heights Branch

Davonica France works at the SouthStar Bank Harker Heights Branch. She serves as an Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager. Davonica has been with SouthStar Bank for six years and enjoys being able to assist her customers with their needs successfully. One of Davonica’s biggest work achievements is her recent promotion to AVP and Branch Manager— and we’re so proud! She loves expanding her knowledge and ability to go above and beyond for customers.

Outside of work, Davonica serves as an Ambassador for the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce. She also works with the refuge corporation at her church to help with the need in the area.

Davonica is soon to be blessed with two children: her three-year-old son and a daughter on the way. She loves spending time with her son outside or playing with cars. She one day hopes to take her son and daughter to Disney World. Davonica also has multiple hidden talents including the ability to draw and sing.