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Employee Spotlight – Allison Spence

Employee Spotlight – Allison Spence

Allison Spence, Personal Banker | SouthStar Bank Southwest Austin

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Allison Spence is a Personal Banker at the SouthStar Bank Southwest Austin location. She worked in the banking industry for five years before joining the SouthStar Bank team one year ago. The one thing Allison enjoys most about her job is connecting with customers in and around her community. She also loves using her problem-solving skills to assist her customers and their needs best. One of Allison’s most significant accomplishments was gaining confidence within her Personal Banker role. She believes that her newly acquired knowledge has positively affected her personal life.

In her community, Allison is involved with her local church, One Chapel Austin. She hopes to be a part of their Mission work in the future.

When she is not working, Allison spends her time caring for plants, playing with her pups, and tending to her chickens. One item on her bucket list is to travel to Milan, Italy to meet family.

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