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Employee Spotlight- Carla Meisetschleager

Employee Spotlight- Carla Meisetschleager

Carla Meisetschleager, Vice President/Branch Manager | SouthStar Bank Moulton

Carla Meisetschleager is a Vice President and the Branch Manager at the SouthStar Bank Moulton Branch. She has been a part of the SouthStar Bank family for the last 31 years. During her long tenure in the banking industry, Carla has enjoyed meeting and assisting her many coworkers and customers, who she now considers all as friends. One of Carla’s biggest career achievements is being promoted to her current role of Branch Manager.

Outside of work, Carla is a member of her local chapter of Catholic Daughters of the Americas. Members of CDA help administer scholarship programs, manage charity donations, and are helping hands amongst the community. As a cancer survivor of 26 years, Carla is also heavily involved in fundraising for cancer research. Some of her favorite organizations to support are the Lavaca County Relay for Life and Team ReJoyce.

Carla also enjoys fishing, boating, gardening, traveling, and most of all taking care of her grandchildren. An interesting fact about Carla is that she is an avid fan of country music and the first concert she ever attended was to see George Strait. A fan to this day, if she could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, Carla would choose King George.

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